Drum corps!

Hi @Kelly,

I am amazed that you have just begun to notice symptoms after so long. Has anything changed in your life recently that might agitate or exacerbate symptoms?
I noticed you said you enjoyed drum corp! Do you watch drum corp primarily, participate in it, or know some people who do it? We used to have a drum and bugle corp competition that came here every year. It was so interesting and cool to watch!


Honestly I’ve dealt with migraines, back pain, and tinnitus most of my life… but chalked it up to my scoliosis and migraine dx and too many loud concerts and drum corps.

I play. I marched 2006-2019 with the Erie Thunderbirds and now play with Rogues Hollow Regiment in Ohio.

That is super cool!! What part of the drum corp do you participate in?

Yes, those drum corp concerts are very loud… I am not sure that they are called concerts?