Drug Holiday


I am wondering if anyone has ever taken a 'Drug Holiday"...Gone off all meds, one at a time with medical supervision ofcourse.?

I am starting to think that some of my meds may be of more harm that good...I am not on much..but still...

any input??



Cymbalta 60mg daily

dulaudid 4mg x2 daily narcotic..for pain

fiorocet as needed for h/a

i think the narcotoc is giving me ill side effects emtionally, to be honest..but I would like to get off everything.

Thanks Beeba...No, I do not take BP meds

Ive been on all sorts of narcautics since i was 15 and i hate them.. but i now go thru withdrawls if i dont take them.. and now that has shifted ppls focus.. they dont see me as a victim or patient anymore.. they just think about the drugs i take and how much of it and that no doctor could possibly give a pretty little girl like me those kindsa meds.. so thats mostly why i want off is the stigma attached with being on them. But my pain med doctor says I need to get things figured out with NS and my previous surgeons before he will wean me off. Ive started to live a very isolated life because so many ppl even family once they find out.. try to steal them frm me. I hate being a slave to pills so i understand completely how you feel


Thanks for sharing how you feel about pain meds , ect...I totally get what you mean about 'being a slave to pills'..I know that many folks absolutely need them to have any sort of quality of life...My own experience has been that recently, I have suffered severely with major anxiety..and I really think that the narcodics were part of the problem...So, I am completely off them..I did go cold turkey..Saw my primary last week and we talked about my pain issues...we decided that I would have a script for Vicodin 5mg...for when I cannot function...That was last Tuesday and I just had it filled yesterday..To have , just for those times.

Have you checked out the Natural Healing Group?? Good info there.Take care..