Hello. I am new on this forum and need some advice on driving. My vision has been affected and although I were contacts or glasses my vision, particularly the right side is out of focus and feels twitchy. Sort of like how a florescent light flickers really fast?? Does that make sense?

My husband and I have two children and I have finally gone back to work after being laid off for a year and a half. At what point did (if at all) any of you stop driving because of these type of symptoms. I personally am still fighting the reality of how much these symptoms are affecting me. But they are, a lot and at some point I fear I am going to be propped up in a corner and dusted regularly.


Thank you.

Abby said:

My NL and GP say when I am having a bad day, do not drive, so I stay home. On the days that I have a bad migraine, trouble with blurry vision, muck brain, and fatigue, etc. I find me a good place for napping. They both said, do not fight it because it will make it worse. Listen to your body, if it says don't do it, it is telling you what to do.

Driving is ok unless your doctors say otherwise.