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Dr. Trumble


Has anyone had surgery done by dr. Trumble in orlando florida?


Lauren, I live in NYC and don’t know about that surgeon. But another option to that question can be private forums on fb. One of them Arnold Chiari Malformation. Plus is this doctor recommended by Conquer Chiari? Before any “yes” to a surgery is to make sure that this doctor specializes in Chiari.


Dr. Trumble is actually a member on here. If you search "members" tab for his name, you can see his profile. He contributes to discussions and offers his opinion. As for his medical practice, I have no experience, however I would recommend searching "Dr. Trumble" in the General Discussions tab. You can view other posts about or involving him. Also, please be very careful if you utilize the Facebook groups as they are not managed or monitored and they can contain inaccurate and misleading information as well as a wealth of spite and anger that doesn't help a whole lot. Hope this helps!


OMG! I am literally staying here in Orlando trying to be seen by Dr. Trumble! I really live in Key West (an island) where medical facilities are very limited. I have sent MRI’s, referral, medical records to his office and I am literally waiting in Orlando until I get an appointment with him or with his office. I’m desperate to be seen but nothing on the books yet or call back from his office. I will check out the profile you mentioned in the above comment. I am very new here so thank you for that info!