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Dr Trost in Wisconsin

good review about this Dr....thought I would share

First of all I want to thank anyone out there that said even the smallest of prayers for me, before, during, or after my surgery! I want to say that I am extremely happy with choosing Dr. Trost at UW-Madison Hospital to do my decompression surgery. Besides having the most amazing bedside manner, which is very important to me also, before they wheeled me into surgery, talking to him, I could feel his confidence and knowledge, about what he needed to do to best help me. It's now been 8 days since my surgery, and I'm trying to reserve some of my excitement because I've been so disappointed before, but when I finally woke up , I could feel the tingling, numbness and pulsating in my arms and legs gone.... If anyone out there is still reading this... I sincerely applaud you, because I feel as if something in my personality has immensely changed, and I am rambling to whomever will stop long enough to listen. Before anyone blames pain meds, I have weaned myself down to Tylenol now To cut to the chase (too late) I feel better right now than I have in a long time, and I pray it continues. I know the surgery wasn't a cure, and that this will always be something lingering in the back of my mind (pun intended) but I will take this for whatever it is meant to be, because it is good! There is hope!

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