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Dr in/nearby indiana

Hello! I am currently looking for a chiari specalist in/near indiana. I can only find neurosurgeons nearby & can’t find any reviews on them regarding chiari. I would rwLly like to hold off on surgery as long as possibly. So would Going to a neurosurgeon be a bad idea?

Has anyone from the Indy area seen Dr Thomas Leipzig? I have an appointment with him on the 17th.. finally able to see what is going on in this wonderful head of mine.

Lamie, I think it’s wise to see a qualified NS even if you don’t want surgery. You should know what is going on with you so you can make the best decision. Lots of people opt to wait and see and that is ok as long as you don’t have a situation that could threaten your life. Every person with Chiari should have a sleep study and be evaluated for a syrinx and CRANIO cervical instability (basilar invagination.

Jenn :slight_smile:

There is a member recommended doctor list at the top of the page under the doctors tab…

Thank you for all the advice, I am constantly feeling like a chicken with it’s head cut off. So much to be done but never really sure how to proceed! This group has helped quite a bit. I checke that sheet & did not find the doctor I have already scheduled with so was just curious if anyone had any good/bad reviews for him.
Thank you kindly!