Dr.Henderson uses your bone for fusions ever cadaver bone

I know Dr.Fraser Henderson uses your bone for fusions. I ask because if he sees that I need fusion that’s added pain.Plus I was unable to take over one 10/325 Norco after my posterior cervical laminectomy surgery and that was a very painfull surgery. I have super sensitive stomach plus many adverse reactions to many medications. So guess my question is if I don’t have eds would he use cadaver?

Good question…I’m planning to see Henderson in March. When is your appt? Have you had a decompression?

My appointment is April 16th 2014. No decompression chiari zero cerebral flow restricted.

I have seen people that say he does use you own rib bones. I am curious too. My appt. is Feb. 5th..for now.

I phoned Dr Hendersons office about use of your own bone asked if he ever uses cadaver bone really could not get a straight answer she said I would need to ask him these questions at my appointment.
So mybe it depends on patient everyone different issues like eds.