Don't know where to begin

Hi Gang....

1st off I need to say I am sorry that I have not been around lately.

See, I cannot put my finger on it..I feel such major anxiety and have been suffering from insomnia..the kind I had long ago before surgery...lack of sleep reeks havoc with my emotions and i cry for the silliest things.

I guess I haven't been on our site much because I feel as though I am a downer right now and have nothing to offer that is positive.

Everything is a struggle for me these days..every little thing..stupid, I know...

I say I am lonely, yet I avoid people when I am feeling like this.

As many of you know , my brother in law is very ill with stage 4 colon cancer ...and we are very close...he is a brother to me...I have been spending a lot of time with him..lots more time with him after his surgery ..he is home now and only lives 4 houses away ..which is nice.

Some days I feel as though I am already grieving the loss of him..when I think I am actually grieving my healthy brother..last yr at this time we would be on his boat..last yr at this time he came over every single morning to have coffee with me...I miss those days...the coffee time more than the boat to be honest!!!

My heart is hurting for my sister as well, of course....

So here I am at this computer trying to tell you guys what is up with me and asking you for your help and prayers..I hold you all dear to my heart.

I want to re connect and join in on discussions like I once did and Moderate like a Moderator should.

Many thanks to the other Mods who have not judged me ...who have only done everything to keep our site great...thanks guys....I am gonna get out of this funk and back on track!!!!!

Any advice or suggestions would be great!!!!!

Also....welcome to all the newcomers!!!!

Peace and Love to you all,


Prayers to you and your brother in law! I hope things get easier for you!

I will pray this for you. There isn't always an answer...

Proverbs 3:5-6

5Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.

Hugs and prayers and much love to you and your family

Be encouraged and pray, pray, and pray again lol. Also, read so that you can hear what the Lord has to share with you. Allow His words to comfort you. Prayer is very comforting to me, not to say it takes it all away, but the Lord comforts you and reminds you that He is there, and that everything you go through is to better you not destory you. I could only imagine how you feel, but I will be in prayer for your you and your family in our prayers.

Hi Gang,

Thank you all for your understanding and support!!!!

Peace and Love back to you Lori.

I do miss you, but I totally understand that family comes first. You need to spend time with both your Sister and Brother in law. You need to take some time out for yourself as well. I wish I could take all this pain away from you. It is alright to grieve anyway you need too.

Love you my Chiari Sister and Friend,

Lori D

Thanks to you all...

Looking forward to catching up with my friends here!!!


I am praying for you and your brother. Please be as compassionate and kind to yourself as you are to others. To have been a wealth of information and compassion for me and so many others on here and in life. It's okay to break down every once and a while. I admire that you reached out and talked about how you are feeling. I am sending you a hug and a prayer.


Hi Lori,

You and your family are in my heart, thoughts and prayers as you are going through this difficult time<3 I pray God will give you his comfort, grace, strength and courage....He is always right here, beside you, holding you tight and loving you so. Thank you for all that you do here for all of us....Now, take care of yourself, rest, pray and be with your family.....(((((HUGS)))))

Nancy aka Aveet