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Does this sound like chiari to you?

I’ve just seen my neurologist and she said my mri scan showed that I have chiari and said mine is “symptom free”. Well I’ve suffered from mild to crazy headaches from my teens and they have been getting more frequent and worse. I’ve always before this been told what I have is migraine and/or tension headaches and since before I got my scan results I believed that was the case. Now that I’ve read about chiari all my aches seem like they’ve been explained! So what would you say, does this sound like my aches are chiari related?

My aches are at the back of my head or behind my eyes. They can feel like a knife been pushed trough my brain. Or like hard pressure at the back off neck. They can be mild or be so bad I can’t move and start to vomit, which is horrible since that makes it worse. In a good month I have like 8 days of pain (painkiller needing pain) and in a bad month I get like 15. Usually it starts at night or maybe in the afternoon. Many mornings I wake up with a headache that can go away when I get up. Or it might not. Also there are head positions I avoid like doing push-ups or slouching on the sofa, they always make it worse or can start a long achy period. Also while in pain movingly head at all makes the pain shoot trough the roof… Other symptoms I don’t know if I have… I’ve been really dizzy but my blood pressure is low so it can be that. Stress seems to make my aches more frequent.

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My son had the same symptoms get a CFS flow study ! My son had borderline Chiari and every surgeon said he did not have Chiari but had the symptons. The flow study showed a blockage and he had surgery that relieved the symptoms!! We did not have insurance and the Mayfield clinic in Cincinnati did the flow study for $60.00.


I'm not sure if I can say your symptoms are Chiari related or not but more then likely they are. When I was first diagnosed I was told not to worry about it or that I was not symtomatic enough for surgery. My headaches stated mild at first and I could distract myself from them. Lately, they are becoming harder to keep at bay and I requested a note relieving me from my job because I feel so unsteady and every movement hurts. I would keep an eye on your symptoms and push for answer but don't let anyone tell you your symptoms are not real. I had to go to three NS before one took me serious and I will be de-compressed at the end of the month.

good luck


Sounds a lot like how my symptoms started do to my chiari