Does anyone see what i see?

i believe if you look half way down you can see a syrinx forming . small black area in the cord. the radiologist read this as a normal mri.

Have you showed this to your NS? My NS reads the films or discs himself, because he has more experience than most Neuro Radiologists . I really think that is the avenue you should take to get an expert opinion. I can give you my opinion, but why would you want it? I am not a Radiologist or NS. I am not trying to be rude to you. I promise. I just know I wouldn't put my MRI pics up and ask non medical professionals to diagnose me. Chiari & everything that goes with it is confusing enough. Why not just start with the correct second opinion? Instead of several well intention guesses?

I can see what you are talking about, but I am no expert and I think you should show it to your NS ASAP. He/She will be able to explain the films much better and make a decision of treatment. Good Luck.

I’m not asking for medical advice for I am a medical professional myself and I already planned on sharing this with my Neuro surgeons this month. I was just placing it on here to bring awareness to the radiologists overlooking an important finding. Also bringing awarNess to the importance of being our own advocate making sure to get copies of everything for second opinions. Had this been someone who put trust in one provider and MRI then there could possibly be some major problems overlooked. As for your comment, my understanding is this was placed on a discussion board to discuss. I didn’t realize I joined an onlIne community that is opposed to educating and providing support. I placed my MRI on here in hopes to do just that. I’m sorry u have a misinterpretation of my efforts. Have a blessed day.

My "normal" CINE was found to be not so normal by my NS office as well. It's always important to get copies of the tests for a second opinion. It can save a lot of time and suffering.

I agree that this was just a misunderstanding due to not being able to pick up on the intent via text. I too initially thought you were asking for someone to read the MRI. I don't think anyone meant offensive to you at all and we are all eager to see what your NS has to say! :)

Education and support are major parts of this forum. Personally I don't see how this is an educational opportunity, because there are other reasons you may see a shadow or dark area on a MRI & your Radiologist said the MRI was normal. I also have vast Medical knowledge & had a career in the Medical Industry, until my Chiari symptoms became to advanced. I do support your questioning of the Radiologists findings. I just don't think the majority of Members can make an educated remark on a MRI photo. No matter whose it is. Part of any discussion is pro & con comments. You are important to us. Please know just because I recommended that you send it to your NS I am not being negative about your post. If it was my film I would be concerned & follow up on the posibility that the Radiologist made a mistake. We are our own Health Advocates & need to be proactive. I agree with Angyln & Emmaline. Email and written correspondence does not clarify many comments & the reader brings with them their own experience, education & personal emotions regarding the subject or comments. I honestly understood your message to mean you wanted validation of your conclusion that the Radiologist made a mistake. We also need to understand that Members on this forum are from all over the world, with different healthcare systems and speech patterns. That also makes it difficult at times to understand what is being requested. I apologize for the misunderstanding & hope this won't keep you from posting discussions. You are a valued Forum Member & maybe this discussion will bring a better understanding for others & their discussions.

I completely agree with you that we all need to get copies of our MRI's and the radiology reports and not just rely on what the doctors tell us. The sad thing is that very few doctors actually understand how debilitating Chiari can be for us, Syrinx or not. The most helpful tool for me was a CINE MRI, it shows the blockage of the CSF which can certainly cause a multitude of symptoms. Only you know how your body is feeling and how it is affecting your daily life. Keep pushing through until you find a doctor that will listen to you. Text me, Jody has my number, I can give you the name and number of an amazing NS, if you are willing to travel to see him. Keeping you in my prayers ~ Melissa (Jody's GF)


Everyone is very supportive here and we value you as a member. Tracy has a lot of experience in the medical field and was offering you sound medical advise. So many of us have been misadvised or ill advised at points in our lives while dealing with Chiari. You never know when a comment or advise will lead to something negative. I completely agree we all need to become experts in our own health with Chiari. I went for years being told my MRI's were "normal" when they were far from it. I wish I had asked to look at them and done what you have in questioning their findings. It is so smart of you to look for as much infomation as you can and be a strong advocate for yourself. I hope that will give us all a chance to support you as you go through your Chiari journey. Miss understandings happen but we all only have the best intentions for each other here.