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Does anyone know a dr in west virginia?

I just moved to WV and am looking for a chiari specialist that is around this way if possible. I have a 5 mm with good flow but my symptoms have continued getting worse and worse with time and my migraines and headaches are now unbearable. I would like to see a dr that would put aside the fact of my flow and take everything else into consideration. Please help, thank, you!

I live in Ohio and was seen in Columbus at OSU Neuroscience center. They were wonderful. I doubt you will find one who totally discounts the CSF flow, but hopefully you can find one who will include all your symptoms. Depending on your symptoms, it may be possible to treat just the headaches/migraines. The least invasive measures are the most effective and preferred. Surgery should be a last resort, not a first option.

I am not sure I would want the surgery, I have 3 kids and don't know how I could pull that one off but I have tried migraine meds, cymbalta,lyrica, and so many more meds with so many side effects. I don't feel my feet anymore and my face always itches and if I even scratch it it burns sooooo bad. I am dizzy all the time, tired, always tired, sick of being tired. And I can't even mop the floor anymore because the pain in the back of my head about drops me to the floor, fibromyalgia, pots, Svt, small nerve fiber and autonomic nerve disease and the list goes on, I am just wanting a doctor that will listen, not just say my flow is good so it's not chiari and shove me out the door like the last neurologist I saw. Thank you for responding, I truly appreciate it, I am at a loss at this point and I feel like time is not my friend because 6 years ago I was a cna and now here I am. Again, thank you so much!!!