Does anyone else have tremors?

Hi everyone,
I have been having tremors for a couple of years now. They are very like Essential tremors with the Parkinson gait problems mixed in. I am wondering if any other Chiarians have this problem.
Thank you, Skye2

I have not had tremors exactly, but I have had the sensation that my entire body is just vibrating, with weakness in my extremities. How long have you experienced the tremors? How intense are they? It seems the variation, duration, and intensity of CM symptoms vary widely from person to person. I’m even finding my symptoms can even vary from day to day, and from episode to episode. It seems that I can go fine for a while then I experience what I refer to as episodes where I may develop different symptoms. I’m curious to hear what others have to say about tremors.

HI New2Chiari1,
I have been having the tremors for about two years now.
They vary in intensity, but when they are full on I can’t function.
Such as cook a meal, do buttons up, hold a drink. It affects my ability to walk with weakness,balance, and problems with moving my legs. The Neurologist said they weren’t caused by the Chiari but the Cerebellum controls muscle and balance, so I am questioning what he said to me. Thank you, Skye 2

It might be helpful for you to understand where your neurologist is to ask him a couple of questions.

  1. What does he think the symptoms of Chiari are? What list does be subscribe to? Do you have any of those symptoms?
  2. What does he think the varying tremors are from (I do not think that doctors like to hear about tremors as they can be from a lot of different conditions)

Different knowledge bases will get you different responses and results from different health care professionals. It can be nice to understand where they are coming from.

Hi gabby-jazzy pants

Thanks for your input. What list would you be talking about?
I didn’t know there were different symptoms lists.

What I meant was that if the doctor you are seeing believes that Chiari symptoms are blinding headaches, “flow” problems, and paralysis, while your symptoms are fullness in the head, dizziness, and vision problems, chances are that the doctor is going to tell you that your symptoms are not Chiari related. My point is to find out what the doctor’s knowledge-base is on Chiari symptoms.

If your symptoms are not on his Chiari list than it is worth the question as to what is causing the dizziness if using the above symptoms. He says it is vestibular and you have gone to 3 different vestibular therapists who say that your vestibular system is fine, then it is time to revisit the dizziness or see a different doctor.

I have tremors in both hands and fasticulations that make my fingers twitch but i have more trouble with my left hand than the right.
I had decompression surgery last May and i did not have tremors before surgery, its something that i have developed since having had the operation.
I had bigger problems with pain and weakness before the surgery so im not so concerned about the tremors but i do think that i still have compression on my spinal chord.
My neurosurgeon said at my last appointment that i still have hyperreflexia in both arms after doing a “Hoffman test” which is when they flick your finger nails. google Hoffman sign if you havent heard of this.
I believe in my case the tremors are due to the hyperreflexia.
I would recommend discussing this with your gp or neurosurgeon if you are concerned or notice that the tremors are progressively getting worse.
All the best