Does anyone else have oddly shaped nails?

My fingernails and toenails have always been a weird shape. My fingernails are small and the white part starts far back. I also can’t grow them out much at all because they grow in this sort of wavy pattern. It starts on the nailbed and then if they grow out, one side curves down while the other stays flat in that waved shape and it’s uncomfortable. They also are kind of far forward on my fingers. My toe nails are similar but there’s a gap between the nail fold and nail. I’ve looked up different nail malformations but none of them quite fit. I wonder if chiari causes your nails to grow abnormally. Anyone else here have a nail issue?

I’ve attached some photos of my fingernails. You’ll have to excuse all the hangnails. They’re always there, too.

I do. Especially my thumb nails they are indentented at the nail bed and curve in at the top. I’ve always wondered why as it’s just my thumbs my left one especially.

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