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Does anyone else have an hyper sensitive sense of smell

I doubt this has anything to do with the Chiari but since so many of my "issues" turn out to be related I thought I would throw this one out there. I have an extremely intense sense of smell. Light scents are almost over powering to me. I can't wear any perfume or any other type of scent. Anyone else have this? Just wondering if maybe there is a link to this disorder.

I do! My husband thinks I’m crazy when I walk around the house asking “what’s that smell” trying to find the culprit. I read somewhere it CM can cause heightened sense of smell but I don’t remember why!

I’m interested to see if there are others too! The whole “whoever smelt it first delt it” doesn’t work well for me because I am fairly sure I can smell a frog fart!!!

Lol! This is funny to me also because I smell things that others don’t smell until later. I just thought I was just going crazy.

I can smell things that many others don't. Just this week I walked into the grocery store and smelled something really good, actually made me hungry lol. The cashier who's also a nursing student I think thought I was insane because as soon as I walked in I just stood there and smelled the fried chicken. After about 3 minutes I finally asked her what that smell was because I needed it. It also can go the bad route to because especially over in the produce area I can smell the "not so good" produce and it actually makes me sick to stomach.

Me too! I thought it was because I quit smoking 4 years ago! My kids always make fun of me and call me crazy. I can wear perfume, use lotion and use some candles, but I cannot go into hardware or home improvement stores, use air freshner or pine cleaner of any sorts, or stand the smell of brewing coffee (thank god I don't drink it). I literally wear a scarf over my nose and mouth in some instances when I can't take the smell. I also can smell smoke from it seems miles away.

I can just imagine what one of the doctors that I have seen what say about this.

I smell cigarette smoke all the time and no smokers around! It gives me headaches, makes my eyes water and burns my nose. UGH! Cigarettes are really the only thing I smell that are not in the vicinity. Anything help???

I had a hard time getting my oil changed the other day, the smell of the fumes or what every about knocked me out

I used to be extremely sensitive to smells, especially sweet perfumes, lotions and candle scents. I can no longer smell anything. I have a head injury that damaged my olfactory nerves. I actually have to ask my husband to taste everything I make, because it affects my taste also, I usually overdo it with garlic and many spices. However I still get nauseous whenever sweet smells. I start to get nauseous and my husband always “yep I’m smelling what you can’t”, so my body reacts to them even though the smell doesn’t register in my brain.

I too have sensitvity to smells, but they cause headaches for me. Anything strong like exhaust fumes, cinnamon, perfumes etc. When I saw the headaches specialist she said that people that get migraines tend to be more sensitive to light changes, noise and strong or offensive (different for every person) odors. I found it kind of interesting. I'd love to know why and how that works exactly. She didn't go into any great detail. If I am in my car, I can smell the exhaust from the car infront of me with my windows closed and it makes me want to vomit! Lol, I hate driving to begin with....

I also am a good smeller lol. I am constantly asking my husband “do you smell that”. He never smells anything and always wants me to describe what I’m smelling then tells me he thinks I’m crazy. Glad I’m not alone.

I can smell everything, I walk in the house and say who did this or when did this our that happen, they are like how did you know. Lol can smell anything, has been only the last few years for me. Drives me and my family

Yes, very sensitive to smells. They can trigger headaches for me as well. On top of that, I have a 10 month old who needs normal diaper changes. Before the surgery, smells were not nearly as bad. I would say my smell has doubled strength if that's possible.

I also asked my NS about tasting sugar in foods. I don't understand why and he said it might not be related but I can not tolerate nearly as much sugar as I could before the surgery nor spices. The taste is unreal. I used to put a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee however no longer use sugar in coffee because of how strong it tastes.

I also have sensetivity to smells perfumes, fumes ect and it make my headache much worse and make me feel sick.

Same here, never thought it could be related. Hmmm makes me wonder. The family calls my nose the CSI nose.

I know this is an old topic but my sense of smell is very sensitive and gotten worse this year. I have a wood stove and have for years because I live out in a rural area this year tho all I can smell is smoke even when it has not been lit for days my eyes nose and throat burn and gives me a headache nobody else in the house can smell it. nice days I open all windows and doors and it dose not help. Hopefully spring will be better

Hello. I am new to this group. I have CM with 2 failed surgeries. I have had hyper sensitive smell for as long as I can remember. Everyone always thought I was crazy! CM causes the most crazy symptoms.