Does anybody have problems when they chew or is it just me?

I started noticing lately that when i chew, like a sandwhich or something..the back of my neck, lower skull area, and head will get tired.. like when you write for a long time and your hand gets tired! its insane! I was just wondering if i was the only one!

Also, my right eye will draw shut a little...not completely..just kind of squint and look smaller than the other eye.. i didnt really notice that until my mom pointed it out to me! ever since she did though, i can feel it and notice it a lot more often!

By the way, Happy Holidays everyone! :)

Hi Dorie, I don't think I have the chewing thing but my neck and back get tired and weak really easy at times. I do have the eye thing going on though. I have just been noticing that recently. Just like you describe, just a little less open/smaller looking than the other. My mouth also goes down on that side a little bit. That has been for at least a year and a half but I had no idea why until I found out I have Chiari.

As far as chewing, sometimes when I first start to eat like my first few bites it makes me hiccup. There's no end to the weird things my body does. Anyway, I hope the time passes fast for you to get to the doctor. I am in Indiana too.


oh wow, quite a bit in common! Indianaopolis? thats only 3 hours from where i awesome!!!! :)

My daughter has the chewing exhaustion thing too. You're not alone. :)