Doctor surprise

Hello to all and hoping today is pain free or tolerable. Cue music - song "Are You Ready For This"

Now time to get down to business. We went to the school today for Katrina's dentist appointment, insurance why we couldn't go to regular dentist and last appointment was too long ago to count for school. Loving all the regulations by both groups but hey, I got to educate the dentist, yes a real doctor (though a dentist).

Anyhow he asked why I was walking with a cane (Balance has been off for a few days now). I told him I was having a bad day to my chiari. He looked rapt and attentive and (SPOILER ALERT) he asked what was chiari malformation. I was floored, better yet he told his nurse and acting secretary to take notes. Glad I had my can cause I was going to go down with a feather or a light breeze. I told him it is a condition where the cerebellar tonsils protruded through the foramen magnum and press on the brain stem. This in turn causes a whole host of problems that could effect any and all of the bodily systems in any way imaginable. He asked how to spell it. He stated good luck in getting better and finding a cure.

The glimmer in his eye said he ways going to research it cause he was intrigued.

Yea for us, yea for me for finding this group that has given me the knowledge, love and support so I can talk more openly about CM.

Now the teacher in me is coming out and giving you a homework assignment. Your assignment for the next week is to give yourselves words of praise and encouragement while giving yourself and someone you love a hug. Yes give yourself a hug, we've earned it.

Oh thats fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Job!!!

I have had to educate SEVERAL nurses and a couple of doctors on Chiari... Its nice to be smarter than them.. heheheh

Have a great day!

Take Care


Dear Micheal.....

All I can say is a HUGE ...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wow is about the dentist...and your teaching him....great!!!!

Now about your assignment for us next week....I had a rough day and thus, I did my homework early!!!

Jen...How the heck are ya>???



I receive my family doctor care at a teaching hospital, regularly I was being subject to numerous residence or visiting doctors. Finally I got to the point that I would ask my doctor if I could play "Quiz the Resident." Eventually he agreed. He would bring in the residents and I would begin to describe my symptoms. Most of the time they would not guess correctly. I had a couple that did though. I would also advise them that if they went into family med I could possibly be the only patient that they ever saw with this condition. So if they had questions now was the time to ask. I learned to have fun with it. My doctor knows that I have enough knowledge about my own condition for this to be a good learning experience for them. Usually one would ask me if I worked in the medical profession. I just explained that I was an educated patient with a rare condition. I also explained that I needed a doctor that was part of my "team" and not one that thought he knew everything. It's a partnership when treating a rare condition, not a dictatorship.

Thanks for sharing Michael! I always feel better when someone else runs into this situation too.


Thats soooo fun Shalunya!!! I wish people around here were that receptive... Maybe there are somewhere around here and I'm going to the wrong places!! lol Anyways I totally think it is great to be able educate and bring awareness to just one person but its even greater when it is someone in the medical profession!!!

Lori, I'm doing OK, I have been MIA for so long cause I just haven;t been feeling to great and between work and all the rest that I am requiring I just wasnt on the computer.. I am trying to be more active in these chiari groups, I think I still have a lot of learning to do and I think sometimes I have some advice that might be helpful.. LOL Anyways enough about me, HOW THE HECK ARE YOU????

My dentist did the same thing.....its great when someone else takes an interest..