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Do I have Chiari?

I’m hoping to gather information from this forum to better understand if I may have Chiari. Let me first say that my older sister was diagnosed with Chiari around 15 years ago and had to have surgery to relieve her symptoms.

For the past 5 months I have been having on and off pain on the left side of my head above my ear and moving towards my left temple. It first started as pulsating pain for about a week and then change to a more swelling feeling and pressure feeling. I went to the ER and they did blood work and a ct scan of my head and both were normal. I’ve been seeing my primary care dr and he believes it to be migraines. I have taken the medication for migraines and it does not help.

I also get dizzy a lot easier since this all started. Fatigue and weakness also occurs more often. I do get headaches occasionaly as well.

The main complaint is the swelling/pressure feeling on the left side of my head by my temple.

Has anyone diagnosed with Chiari had these symptoms?

If I get a MRI of my head would that show Chiari or would the MRI need to be of my neck area?

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It might not be Chiari causing those pains. Have you ever had chicken pox ? I used to get shingles a lot, and I’d get shooting pains through my forehead when it acted up (but no rash anywhere). Now I take 5000 units of vitamin D every night, and I no longer battle shingles. Chiari is still an issue for me, trying to figure all that out now.