Disability Payments for Chiari (PIP in UK)

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Just looking for a bit of advice and support. I am 31 and have had diagnosis of Chiari malformation since 2012. I am applying for PIP due to a sudden onset of symptoms since giving birth to my second child earlier in June. Was wondering if anyone has been through this process and can offer me some words of wisdom.

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Hey Marelle,
I haven’t responded earlier because I’m in Australia and our health systems and insurance systems are very different in comparison to the U.K. and was hoping that someone with more relevant information may respond.

We do have something similar to PIP known as ‘3rd party insurance’ but it is solely for motor vehicle accidents. Also because we have universal healthcare in Australia such insurance would not be required for Chiari, it would all be covered by our Medicare system.

As for words of wisdom (if you can call it ‘wisdom’).
I have had the ‘joy’ of dealing with an insurance company and they can be nothing short of nasty. If they can get away without paying, they will. They may try to discredit you and your symptoms. They may try to question the cause, affect and impact. They may try to send you to their own doctors who are sympathetic to the insurer and willing to minimise any concerns. DON’T LET THEM The best way I found to prevent them playing their games is to get ahead of them. Compile your own medical file with all of your scans, all of your reports, everything. This can shorten their processes, which can take months if you leave it all to the insurer.

I say all of this because initially I left it in the insurers hands and they had me running from one dr to the next, obtaining repeat reports over and over and ov… In the end I decided to get the lawyers involved and my only wish was that I’d started the lawyer process sooner. They took care of it all. The insurer certainly didn’t like the lawyers involvement, in fact, they tried to convince me not to use a lawyer at all. But I was sick and tired of trying to deal with them all on my own.

Hope it helps
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Hello Marelle

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Hi I’m from the uk and the social said I wasn’t eligible for PIP as my symptoms wasn’t severe enough.

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I also ended up medically retired from my job due to symptoms of chiari. I can now claim ESA due to not being fit to work.

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I have had issues of ESA and have been advised to try for new style ESA. So duno how this is gonna go.

Thank you for your replies x x