Does any one get the feeling that they just want give up on life some days. There days I want cry and just give up on life. Is it me or is it the chiari that playing with my head and emotion.

Hi there Lula, chronic illness (especially involving pain) and depression frequently go hand in hand and it can be a really complex issue. Management of our emotional state is as important as our physical conditions so don't be afraid or embarassed to talk to your doctor and see what help is available. If you Google "chronic illness and depression" you will find many, many articles, research and information. And please, if you sink really low please also remember that we have the details of a crisis helpline posted here on the site. Thinking of you ... and give your animals a hug, I find my cats are such a comfort.

I have talk to my doctor he sent me to a doctor to talk to about the problem. They trying get me with a new chiari doctor to treat me. Since I can’t get appointment with the other doctor that was treating me. It been a year since I seen my chiari doctor. It just get me down and nobody listening to me. That I need help now not years down the road. I give my dogs and my cat a hug for you. They have been real good comfort to have around here. When everyone gone to work or off doing there things they like doing. Thank you for letting me know.

Lula, I know that feeling of utter, utter frustration and desperation for someone to do something. It's a marathon not a sprint unfortunately. We're all listening to you, though, and here to offer our friendship and support. Hugs, Jules

Thank you for listening and glad I’m not the only one dealing with the chiari. My doctor gave me this sight and said it would help talking to people with the same illness.

Now THAT is one GREAT doctor :-)

Here is one of my babies asking to put a smile on your face .... she's 18 (so about 90 in human years):

Pretty cat