I have been suffering with depression for a while now a lot of it is to do with having CM and other illness’s that im suffering with its extra hard as my family try to understand as much as they can but i see that its just hurting them seeing me the way i am so i try to carry on with life as normal but it has finally caught up with me i had no sleep for 6 days straight my doctor gave me sleeping pills but they didn’t work im now on diazepam which sends me right off to sleep but its really not a drug i want to be on as its so addictive… the morphine i have been given for home has stopped working my body has gotten soused to it now i feel trapped in my body ever since i was diagnosed 3 years ago does any one else feel this way… and if you do have you any suggestions for me that may help… i am going to therapy but isn’t helping so far.

thank you xx

Marialouise, I am so sorry you are going through this. I encourage you to stay in close contact with your doctor till you get a Med combination that makes a difference. No sleep for 6 days is so hard on you. You know this isn’t your fault, right? I have a few suggestions too. It’s all OTC but has made a big difference for a lot of us, with the pain and also depression. Take vitamin D3 everyday (many of us take double or more the regular dose because we have malabsorption issues), magnesium everyday, arnica gel to neck and back of head, and a multi B vitamin. If your B 12 is super low you may need injections. You are not alone, we get it. So sorry it’s such a tough time right now. Hang in there, you are strong and resilient.

Hugs, jenn

Definitely hang in there and keep trying! Depression seems to effect so many people with disease and illness. I think it's even harder for people who have "invisible" ones-because they look normal. As far as suggestions for sleep-talk to your doctor especially, but for me, I didn't want sleeping pills because of their chance of addiction and the side effects. We tried a variety of medications and finally landed on Elavil (amitriptilyne) which is an anti-depressant but the side effect puts me to sleep like a bear! It also helps me sleep longer and better. I don't like taking narcotics of any kinds, but things like Percocet, Vicoden, things like that scare me even more. My doctor said that Valium can be an addictive drug, but rarely is if you swallow the pill because few people get a "high" from digesting it, those people often crush and snort. I actually like Tramadol (Ultram) over the Percocet because I could take it every 4 hours instead of 6 and it did just as well, if not better.

Also you can ask about all the vitamins. If they are unbalanced, it can cause crazy things! I recommend a regular multi-vitamin (I prefer prenatals because they have higher concentrations.) They can help regulate things. Also Melatonin is a vitamin you can buy OTC that helps the body relax naturally.

For me, falling asleep isn't easy. I have to think about not thinking if that makes sense! I have to intentionally quiet my brain and thoughts. Then I have to force myself to lie still even if I think I want to move around. If your friends and family just don't understand, remember you are not alone! <3