Dent in head

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a happy, headache free day!

Weird question- does anyone have a dent in their head post op? I never noticed it before today, and I recently rode on a plane for the first time post op. ( Surgery October 2012.) I have had increased headaches as well. Should I be worried?



The last time I addressed the increased headaches, my neurologist injected an occipital nerve block into the back of my head. I have headaches every day :( It is okay- things will get better :)

I feel a small indentation where my plate is. There was a discussion several months back about altitude and plain rides- search it in the key word box at the top if the discussions page. Sorry you’ve headaches still :frowning: and I’m glad you are staying positive.


My dent is to the left of my incision maybe two inches up. It is 3 fingers long and two wide. So bizarre! It appeared overnight!