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Decompression surgery

Hi! So my chiari diagnosis is fairly new. I have also been diagnosed with syringomyelia. Neurosurgeon wants to go ahead with surgery due to the syrinx in my neck and back. I also have the beginnings of neurological issues like muscle weakness and pain. I am so overwhelmed. Any advice would be helpful.

If you are unsure get a second opinion but if you trust your Neurosurgeon and think you want to go thru with the surgery get it done before it continues to do damage to your nerves or any other complications present themselves. Throughout it all I know it will be difficult but it is best to keep a positive attitude. Make sure if you are going thru with it have some hot and or ice packs for after surgery and that you have some type of help set up because when you get home after surgery you will have restrictions; no lifting heavy things over 5lbs, no bending and a few other things.

Thank you for the reply! I had my gallbladder out this year, so it’s similar. I’m so scared. My Dr said it would make my symptoms go away, but I’m reading on here that people get themy back sometimes. I’m scared more now.

It does happen sometimes that the symptoms come back but there are some cases of success. For myself it is still to soon to know as I had it in Oct and have to wait 6months for a follow up MRI, but I do feel it has helped with some of the symptoms yet because of the fact that I just had major surgery and they cut into you and nerves may get injured or bruised plus our bodies take time to heal I have experienced a few symptoms that I didn’t have before. My Dr told me these symptoms will subside in time I just have to take it easy and having had previous surgery 2yrs ago I already know somewhat what to expect on delayed healing. If you have any questions or concerns talk to your Neurosurgeon and ask as many questions as possible before saying you will go thru with it. Reading about it does make you scared because of course you don’t know what to expect but just try to remain positive that things will turn out well. It is def. hard to do after surgery because of the pain but taking it day by day and relaxing and taking your pain medication will help also.

Thank you for your responses! Im just worried about it not helping my issues. I am already having neurological issues, and im just scared they aren’t gonna get better. I’m gonna weigh out everything with my surgeon, and get a second opinion

best of luck

Hi Finalxheaven, I do know how you feel; I too had the muscle weakness and pain and that was the reason I dug deep into the MRI’s and found the Chiari. I was on the fringe of not being able to drive. Anyway, I feel the decompression is the best way to go; at least for me. The surgery is very easy and you start feeling better right after it. The funny thing is, I was going to leave my cell number so you could talk with me…this is because the nerve damage I have makes it hard to type on my right arm and hand. All in all, I feel so much better, some things come back after a few years but they are not as bad as before the surgery. Support groups are so important for Chiari patients because not many people believe us and the doctors are just now learning about it. Call me after 5 p.m. if you’d would like to discuss further. Stay strong! Carol 407-■■■■■■■■