Decompression surgery

I would like some oppinions if you have had the decompression surgery. I would like to know what it helped with? did it make anything worse? douse it help with some of the pain you had? and how long did it work if it did even work? im very nevose and would like to know if its worth it.

I couldn't imagine my life today had I not had surgery. I will never be "perfect" again, but I have a life now. No vicious headache when I laugh/cough, etc, my body is not in constant pain, I don't have a daily headache, my muscles are not constantly weak. I still have issues, but I would do it all over again. I am a couple of weeks from being 2 years post op

I as well had the surgery, a little over a year now. You have every right to be nervous, that's normal, we are human. I'm happy I went I had it done, that was the most difficult decision I've ever had to make and am glad I made it! I'm not perfect, I still get vertigo from time to time and also still have shooting pains in my head but they no longer linger. It is a battle after surgery to get back to feeling normal but in the end, it was worth it to me! Good luck with your decision. Stay positive, life if too short to be unhappy!

Oh goodness. I just came across this post that I wrote that a bit over a year ago and I am sorry to say that everything I said up there is no longer truth. Well, the headache part is still trough, but the rest of it.. nope. Constant pain and weak muscles again, having a hard time walking if I walk more than 2000 steps a day, new things happening all the time and many more diagnoses.... But still, at least I am not in a wheelchair yet.