Decompression Surgery

It's looking more and more like Zach is going to end up having surgery. Can anyone tell me their experience with it? He's 7 so from a childs perspective would also be appreciated. Pain after surgery, healing time, how long before he is up and moving? Any input would be appreciated.

I had my first decompression surgery when I was 7 also. I only remember having pain the first two days after, and then I was up and moving, smiling and my normal self again. I resumed sports only two weeks after surgery. I think the younger you are, the faster you recover. I'm now 17 and have had two other decompression surgeries, and my recovery time has increased as I've gotten older. He should be just fine! I hope the surgery goes well if he needs to have it! :)

I was around the age of three when I had decompression surgery, now 25. From what I’ve gathered over the years from family, I had absolutely no problem with recovery. I didn’t even have to stay over night in the hospital after surgery, I was released same day. I had surgery the day before the fourth of July and my parents have told me stories of how I was running around, full throttle on the fourth of July having the time of my life. I was extremely symptomatic before surgery but after I was around 12-13 when symptoms starting coming back as far as headaches, dizziness, and a few other things. Considering my symptoms were much more severe than those before surgery, I believe I came out on top.