Decompression surgery last Tuesday, back home now

Hey, I had the decompression surgery last Tuesday. The neurosurgeon said there were further abnormalities with the structure of the skull. The rim of the foramen opening was thick like my jaw bone and had a thick ridge. The tonsils were being crushed more than expected with the pressure. Anyhow he took out a piece of bone, removed the top of the vertebra and shaved down the unusual ridge. No patch was used, they are a teaching hospital and the surgeon said he to better results not using the patch.
A couple of staples at th side and 25 down the back. The first day after th op I could not lift my head off the pillow, next day we went for getting my feet on the floor! The pain and sickness was under control by day three.
I was moved from HDU to main ward on day four. Progress is slow. My balance is poor and the vertigo remains. Staples out on day seven.
I’m using a stick for walking and the meds control the pain. Oramorph has been a blessing for the breakthrough pain.
I’m just taking it slow,so far so good!
Thank you again for the help and support this site provided.
I’m still very tired and get muddled up but will continue to post on progress.
X x

Thanks, I know I have been over doing it. Trying to deal with other peoples drama. Head is pounding. I went for a walk today, walked too far and paying for it now. Had to ask my son, mum and dad to go home they were more interested in getting their problems sorted out than even asking how I was. I ended up crying and very upset. Rediculous… I’m going to have a quiet few days now to get some rest. Hope everyone is well and pain free x


So glad you are on the other side and on the mend. Make sure to take it easy and be kind and patient with yourself. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. I am sending you prayers and healing energy.