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Decompression anxiety

Had a phone call yesterday 20.06.17 from my neurosurgeon… basically saying that he’s looked at my most recent MRI and he’s put me straight on the spine/skull decompression. I will get a call asap. I know with any surgery it can be an anxious time and feel like it’s all happening so fast but this surgery is the one that making me panic the most

Yes, the anticipation of surgery can be frightening, and it must be even more so for neurosurgery. Would it help if you were to identify very specific questions or concerns, and to ask others here to address them?

Sometimes people don’t know what to say if you just say your knickers are all in a twist, but if you ask them about specifics, they will have plenty to tell you.

Give it a try! Meanwhile, why not try the search tool (magnifying glass, upper right, to left of your avatar) to research a bit about your concerns.

Who is your neurosurgeon? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is someone here who has had experience with him/her.

I always find that doing something helps when I’m worried or scared.

All the best to you

Seenie from Moderator Support

I had my Op 6 years ago. What helped was not to think at all about what he was going to do, and pray, trust. On the day I put on pretty lipstick and went to theatre. Kept my thoughts occupied with other positive things. Had my hairdresser do the shave at the back to specifications hidden from sight under a special hairstyle. Hang in, prepare well for care and support at home etc. Be strong…