Deciding between upright MRI or regular MRI to diagnose? Which did you all have?

I was trying to get my daughter in to have an upright MRI to check for Chiari and anything else that might be going on in her neck or brain. Symptoms have gotten so bad. But, if that doesn’t pan out, was wondering how many people had the upright version as opposed to the regular MRI? Thanks for your help!

I had a lay down MRI and it showed my chiari. Caution sometimes its the person reading it and don’t give the right diagnosis. Get the results of your test to have a neurologist that is skilled in this field to read your MRI.

Thanks for the reply! She has one that’s a year and a half old and she’s developed so many symptoms since then, but, I might take the disk to a different doctor and see if they have a different opinion while we are waiting for a new one.

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I had the regular MRI.

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HI, I had a laying down MRI, neurosurgeon said sitting up the herniation would be worse.