Daily migraines with Chiari

Hi everyone . My name is Cheryl . I’m 32 years old and live in Kansas USA. I’ve been diagnosed with Chiari for 6 years , 12 mm herniation . Currently not in any type of treatment because i have no insurance. The issue is these headaches come every day . Literally all day long . Sometimes they let up for an hour or two but most of the time it feels like something is squeezing my head and pushing down so hard… but I have no money to see the neurologist or even a doctor . I’m taking handfuls of Tylenol and ibuprofen every day and nothing helps . Today I’ve been in bed all day crying . It feels so hopeless, I can hardly stand it . I’m losing my mind here and there is no one that can help, it seems . Has anyone been like this ? Migraines ruling your life ?

My 11 yo daughter was only diagnosed about 4 months ago but also suffers from daily headaches. There have only been 3 or 4 days in the past 4 months that she hasn’t had a headache at all. I’m sorry you’re suffering too. Along with all her other symptoms, the headaches have unfortunately become the least of her complaints. We have found that ibuprofen and caffeine (coffee or soda for example) help some and at night we do ibuprofen and benedryl. I also use clary sage essential oils on her forehead and temples (it seems to give some immediate relief though not long lasting). Hope maybe that helps or at least knowing you’re not alone helps! Best wishes and God bless you !

Thanks so much for your reply . I’m sorry your daughter is suffering also . I have tried many things, including becoming on opiate addict for years (thankfully no longer , thanks to GOD and family ) it is very stressful, specially with no way to be treated anymore. Kansas is a crap state that won’t expand Medicaid so having no insurance is a big problem . Can’t see any doctors or my neurologist any longer. It feels very hopeless at times. No one understands and trying to live a normal life while suffering In silence is almost more than a person can handle. Thanks for writing back it is nice to feel not completely alone

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You are never alone! God will help you fight your battles! If not for my faith I would have broken already! Keep the faith my new friend :purple_heart: sending prayers for some relief

Thank you ! I do know I am not alone , I also know that the feelings I have are temporary but GOD is forever and that is assuring. It’s great to talk to you all and the prayers are amazing

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