CSF leak

Can someone help me understand what a csf leak is? MRI shows a pocket with fluid, will see neurosurgeon on Wednesday, September 4.


Did you have a decompression with a duraplasty? Your spinal cord and brain is a semi-closed loop system containing the CErebral spinal fluid, if there is a leak that closed loop has been breached. most likely the leak comes from the duraplasty - seeping out at the area where your dura was sewn back in at the suture site.

Are you having pain, symptoms? From what I have learned this is one of most common complications from a decompression surgery. Sometimes the leak resolves on its own and sometimes it needs to be surgically repaired. Sorry this is happening to you:(

Let us know what your doctor says


My daughter has had 2 decompressions, the first one did include a duraplasty. (Oct.3,2012 & June 19,2013) She is now experiencing headaches mostly in the afternoon. This is so new to us, she has always been a healthy girl and now at the age of 18 it seems like everything has changed so much for her. We are now praying that she can just stay in college and continue her education. I will make sure and post on Wednesday after our appointment.

Your daughter and your family have been through the ringer! The afternoon headache may be a symptom of the leak, try laying down flat periodically through the day (for at least 30 min at a time)to help the CFS stay even through the spinal column. Glad the NS appointment is soon


She has now started to have a runny nose, could this be part of the csf leak? I’m so unsure as to what to do :frowning:

I would call the NS office to tell them about that one and ask if she should be seen sooner. Is her nose snotty or is it a clear water-like consistency???Thats a doctor need to know for sure.

It’s clear water-like.