Creaking joints

I am not sure if this is related to chiari or if anyone else experiences this. I have a shoulder, hip, and ankle that creak and pop when I move them. I also get intense intermittent pain in my shins. Is this all chiari related?

I have been "popping" and "cracking" my whole life. This sounds very familiar to me...and one child of mine used to "pop" her elbows out of joint, when she was a small child. I believe the EDS is something you should investigate. As if Chiari wasn't enough to deal with, huh?

I dont know if its a related symptom to chiari but everything on my body snap, crackles, & pops!! It has my whole life.

I've thought about the possibility of EDS. Really hoping I don't have to deal with that too! Eagerly awaiting my neurosurgery appointment in October. I am really wanting some answers. I have still not received the results from my sleep study and really need to find a new neurologist!

My 1st neurology appt is n oct too. I think u & i r in the same boat. I hv so many questions about so many things & symptoms etc that i cant wait to ask. Im excited about the neurologist i got though. He’s extremely hard to get. U hv to submit ur case & hope he selects u. Im a lil afraid bc i was selected but feel fortunate at the same time. Well i hope u find the neurosurgein ur looking for & plz let me knowif u learn new things about CM. Im newly diagnosed so im completely confused at the moment.