Craniovertebral decompression - what to expect

Been put on the waiting list for this - I’m in the uk - good old nhs!
I’m trying to search this surgery but can’t find anything on it. What can I expect to happen? What will I need for the hospital?

Thanks in advance for any replies

I suggest you get more information medically on chiari and the surgery. You don’t need anything for the hospital except a robe. Unless you’re in for longer in your country. I was in three days. It’s a horrible surgery and recovery and they now say only about 50% of people get better. The rest of us are stuck with worsening symptoms.

I had surgery in Ireland so very similar to nhs, the hospital was great and my stay was 4 days. I won’t lie the surgery took me a bit of time to recover from but was worth it in the end. I am not pain or symptom free but I am better than I was. Take a couple of changes of pyjamas your toiletries and anything you like to make you feel comfortable. I wish you well and look after yourself.

Thanks Smeg, much appreciated

Keep us posted how you get on and just take everyday as it comes.