Covid vaccine

Curious too know if anyone with chiari got the vaccine & if so have you had any symptoms? I work in the medical field & I feel eventually the vaccine will be mandatory eventually. I so not want the vaccine as I have enough issues as is. Let me know what my Ben’s friends are feeling & thinking on this hot topic.

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I feel the same as you not had mine yet i have Chiari spina bifida plus heart failure copd fibromyalgia arthritis born with asthma ect i feel i have way to much wrong with me and get lots of infections.l am extremely concerned on how my body would cope with this vaccine. I am allergic to the flu jab also many years ago i had Tamiflu and was allergic to that also.

Having multiple health issues makes it really hard to take something that’s too new. I know I’m getting worse with things & really trying to ignore it cuz I’m scared but I also have family (kids) so I’m scared my body will react in the worst way to this vaccine. We need to stand strong together for those of us choosing not to get vaccinated. Be safe & healthy :pray: :heart:

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I have chiari, arthritis, asthma, psoriasis and other things. Had my two doses as soon as I could and was completely fine with no worsening of any symptoms related to these.

Ultimately I’d say, speak to your doctor but I had a really positive experience and feel much better being protected from Covid, especially with my underlying conditions :heart:

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Mary I’m so happy to hear you had a good experience. I have a hard time believing I will too knowing I tend to get the worst of things. I hope you stay safe & well :heart:

My doctor recommended that I get it because of my compromised immune system. I definitely had some rough side effects. Fever, extreme fatigue and body aches. It lasted about 4 days. It was awful. Felt like the flu. But I’d rather experience that for a few days than catch Covid and feel even worse or possibly die. I would definitely recommend getting it!

I to have had the two doses flu like symptoms after the second one that lasted about four days. I couldn’t wait to get.:grinning: