Covid vaccine and chiari

Has anyone here has gotten the covid vaccine and has A reaction. I’m afraid it could make Chiara worse.

I don’t think I’ll b putting that in my system

I would always encourage anyone with questions about a vaccine or other medical concern to speak with their doctor. Personally, I’m a member of the site for people with psoriatic arthritis. We’re on all sorts of meds to tamp down our immune systems, and clearly already have a history of autoimmune disease (one of the rare reactions). That said, I also had covid back in the fall. I am still recovering from some specific symptoms, including deconditioning, and loss of smell. That was over three months ago now. It was really scary, and I had to be put on meds for lung complications. And I still got the first vaccine and am waiting for the second vaccine in another two weeks.

My biggest concern for people who haven’t had covid, is how do you know that you’re the person who will have minimal symptoms, and no long term damage? The side effects from the vaccine can be real, but they’re short lasting, generally speaking. As I said, please speak to your doctor about whether YOU personally have any specific risk factors regarding the vaccine.

Sharon from ModSupport

Your decision on taking the vaccine must be one, as Sharon pointed out, that you make in consultation with your doctor(s).

Like Sharon, I take a cocktail of medications that “puts the brakes” on my immune system. That’s worrying, both from the point of getting vaccinated and from the view of catching the virus. When I spoke to my rheumatologist, though, she was unequivocal:

I’d rather see you take your chances with the vaccine than with the disease”.

Think about that. Reactions to the vaccine tend to be mild and/or short lived. We all know where the disease can lead.

Again, check with your doctors: they know more about the risk/benefit ratio than you or I. And me, I’ll be rolling up my sleeve.