Convincing for neurologist

How is it that a doctor thinks he knows your body better than you know it yourself?! some doctors are so blinded by textbook they are not willing to dig deeper to find the true source of a patients pain and misery. it is a crying shame that you pay a doctor to do the things for you just to be told nothing at all and then you have to do your own deep research because they will not take to time because they don't "understand your condition" or the pain you say you are in. they just cannot "comprehend" what is going on... how do you convince a doctor to do a cine mri/csf flow test you know is necessary and they refuse because they do not think your chiari is related to your severe migraines & chronic back/neck pain, and you have to wait another month and a half to be seen by the specialist... my ins deductible start over 12/1 & I can't see the neurosurgeon until 12/13. this situation. It is heartbreaking and overwhelming and frustrating... praying for a resolution... *sighs* will this ever end????

I originally asked my pcp & he thought the neuro should order it, but I work at the clinic... & that's what makes it even harder... i work with these doctors & they know the pain ive always been in, but my neuro thinks its "irrelevant" to the chiari... not his area of expertise. I'm married & have 2 small kids & work full time, it's really hard most days to even function & when I get home I'm so tired & exhausted all I want to do is sleep, i feel like im punishing my family :( any suggestions?

I hear ya. My daughter has been at this for 2 miserable years. Stay strong and know you're not alone.