So Confused. I Went to the Neurologist yesterday and He told me in the Notes he had from my old Doctor that I Possably had a CM that was type 2 BUT He told me a long time ago that my CM was type 3 so I am really confused and also this dr told me to quit taken my pain meds because they could make headaches worse and put me on Indocin 3 times a day and to Keep a "Headache Chart" I'm not really happy right now..I feel Like everything I feel is no big deal and I'm making it into more than what it really is..??

Have you seen a neurosurgeon about this? Sadly NL just don't seem very informed. I have heard of rebound headaches from pain meds so perhaps that was what he was speaking of.

I Haven't seen a NS just my NL Hopefully He will help me out..!