Confused yet again! Help please

I have now had a diagnosis of "Opioid induced hyperalgesia"..apparently my pain meds are heightening my pain symptoms and I have to come off them. Has anyone had this diagnosis? I admit I am somewhat sceptical of this as apparently hyperalgesia is hard to diagnose but my doctor knew I had it as soon as I explained that my symptoms had changed and increased. Any thoughts?

Yes, unfortunately, it can happen. Graded Motor imagery exercises as researched by the Neuro-orthopedic Institute can help to modulate the central nervous system's response to pain meds. Perhaps you can find a physical therapist in your area who is skilled in this area of pain control. I do not know if NOI has a data base of who has taken their courses in different countries. It is crazy how the central nervous system can get wired funny such that opiod-based medications no longer help. Good luck with the withdrawal effects.