Confused About Doctors Advice!

I recently saw ,yet another, " Pain Management " doctor ,and he told me in just fifteen minutes and three hundred dollars later,that I should cut down on my present pain relief medication, and start a new drug called "PALEXIA".He also said that I should not seek any more opinions on surgery as it would not help me.....OK!....He told me that Palexia was not addictive and does not cause dependence,however when I Googled the information it said the contrary, and that it was a synthetic opiate.Like many other medications I have tried, I found that it gave me more headaches ,increased anxiety and more heart related problems.It actually made me feel worse.I have also found this with TRAMADOL..Has anyone had a similar reaction? I have a condition very similar to E.D.S ( Loey`s Dietz) and I have"Cervical Cranial Instability"and" Dysautonomia" based on scans and symptoms.So like many of you,life is very challenging.I found that many medications I`ve tried have had strange effects, or not worked at all eg. antidepressants,benzodiazepans and drugs like Lyrica.Could this be because of the Chiari that these meds.behave so differently on me?.Is this common with Chiari?I don`t mean to say that these drugs don`t work on other people,it`s just that I have to be so careful with what I take.Beta blockers help a great deal with Dysautonomia.Anyway,based on another negative appointment with this doctor,I now have to decide if I continue with the effort and cost of a second NS opinion.I really don`t know if decompression and neck surgery will help me at my age of sixty two years It may make it worse.Thanks for reading this and I hope that this new medication can work for some of you,if not for me.

Thank you all for your support.Any suggestions?

I would honestly seek out a second opinion with a neurosurgeon who is familiar with both Chiari and CCI. This is a rare condition that even a lot of neurologists have no experience with so I really wouldn't trust a pain management doctor's opinion on offense toward said doctor, I'm sure he means well. Your issues sound related to Chiari and sadly there really aren't many medications that will help with these symptoms.