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College admissions

Hello All,

I have not been here for a while due to the fact that my daughter had decompression surgery in Nov of 2013 at the age of 16. Since then, she has just continued to thrive, it was the best thing we ever did for her. She is doing so well, that she is being recruited by many Div 1 and 2 colleges to play field hockey. She just completed her Junior year. When receiving a scholarship at that level, the admissions will do an early academic read, and let you know if she is accepted and how much money they can afford to give her. She has had one academic read and was accepted and offered money already. We just sent in her final transcript complete with her Junior year grades. Here comes the problem. This particular University requires a GPA of a 3.0. Her present GPA is a 2.84. Previous to her surgery, she missed a lot of school, had a hard time completing a day or her homework with the headaches she was dealt. So, previous to her surgery, she had a GPA of 1.9. Since her surgery, she has more of a 3.4. However, the school looks at the combined, which includes that 1.9. She has worked so hard since surgery, on the field, and in the class room. She has been a scholar athlete and made honor roll each term since post surgery. It seems a shame that they are holding her back becasue of pre surgery grades. Is there anywhere we can go with this? Is there any type of program that I can reach out to that might take her presurgery grades out of the equation? I have reached out to a couple of her Drs to write up a medical documentation and contacted the University admissions. With this letter from the Dr they may appeal it to the board, but no promises. She can not wait for her first semester grades of Senior year to bring her GPA up, as other offers have and will be made before that. A lot of D1 and D2 ask for a verbal commitment in the Summer of Junior year. Any advice will be helpful...