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Cold weather


With weather in Missouri you never know what your gonna get! I had my surgery a little over a year ago but with the cold weather that has moved in it feels more like yesterday! I imagine its tge titanium mesh plate thats causing the problem. I cant be in the cold at all it hurts so bad at tge vack of my head throat n even the vackbof my tongue. Its taking me forever to warm up and to get tge pain to stop even running around in my home wearing a sock cap. Anyone else have this issue?


I am not sure how much the titanium plate would affect your body temperature. What I believe you are experiencing is the nerves still trying to repair themselves. Many neuros are so text book in telling us we should be back to normal in 6-8 weeks. I often wonder how many of them have undergone the surgery. I still can not sleep on the back of my head and can’t do much lifting. Anything more than a gallon of milk strikes a headache within an hour as well as prolonged time on my feet and any extended overhead activity with reaching, instant headache/pain.

However, the same thoughts go through my head as I have titanium mesh too (decompression 2013). Not sure if you have syringomyelia (I do) , but accompanied with Chiari, our bodies have a host of hypothalamus issues. It is hard for our bodies to stay balanced chemically, in temperature and in mood. It has already got cold here too, in Michigan. As I waited for my daughter to get on the bus outside earlier it felt brisk, not too cold. After waiting for her a few minutes, it felt like I was out there for an hour because of some kind of delay I always experience. Same thing with cooking ( small burns all over my hands and forearms from last decade). There is always some kind of delay with temp issues and response times. Again, I do have syringomyelia with the Chiari. However, I do know Chiari can cause that same kind of temp delay too. Hope this helps you in some way.