CM is winning

I can't take much more. I've been able to stomach two meals in 4 days. Nothing helps the uncontrollable horrible pain. I'm so tired of being like this. Family support is completely gone. I can't go anywhere and the filled the house full of crap that's supposed to be for me. Even after I asked them not to go to the store. Ofcourse the two small things I did ask for werent even close to being gotten. I got 10mins of sleep in the last two days. I want this picc line out of my arm because it hurts and my intire arm is bruised since the line catches on everything. Yes I want to talk to the man that has treated me like I'm scum for 33 years. The man that told me when I was 8 that he wished I was gone cause he never wanted me. Because I wanted the picc out and wouldn't talk to the they called the cops. I have no reason to fight anymore. Couple days with asta meds and I won't trouble them anymore

I'm replying because this is a support group! I have almost no idea what you're going through but I love you. Be strong, keep being strong, and don't ever stop! I know it seems like things just can't get any worse, but that's just when they start getting better. Pray to God right now and sincerely ask for help, I'll be praying for you too darling. You're family may suck but we are always here for you<3 sending so much love to you<3 -Bill

Katie that is not rational. If you are really feeling this horrible, please just go to the hospital. please. YOU CAN and WILL feel better as long as you don't stop fighting!

I don’t have anymore friend’s only my pain and my fam .

I know exactly your feelings

Dear Katie....

You have every right for your feelings...I would never judge you..who the heck am I to say 1 thing about your feelings...I am not in your shoes.

But...When you say don't reply..I agree with Bill....we are a support are in a very bad space right now....getting crap from every direction. That being said..only want you to know that even though your family has been of little to no have us...even though we are spread all over the country.

This again, is only my 2 cents.....SOMETHING MUST BE DONE TO RELIEVE YOUR PAIN...NOW!!!!!! I 100% agree with Beeba as well...some pain meds made me so off with my thinking...not suicidal but not wanting to wake up...that is a pretty crappy feeling.

Would you be willing to go to the ER for pain management today??? The term they use here anyway is irrtractable pain....meaning where the meds you were on didn't do a thing...they admit you into the hospital and try different meds. My mom only passed 3 mths ago and I took her to the ER for pain and they admitted her and that really helped.

I know you are worried about Duncan...but you need to be well for him as well as deserve it....

Oh I wish I lived near you to help you out in any small way...You must the hospital at least they can give you more than you are getting alone. PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT....if you have to call 911...this is serious.




I am so sorry that you have suffered for so long:( It isn’t fair! You’ve gone from one surgery to complication after another. You’ve had no chance to recover or heal yet. I know it’s hard to believe now, but it will get better! A little over a year ago…I had to have a Laparotomy (major abdominal surgery) for stage 4 Endometriosis. In addition to my Chiari/Syringomyelia head, neck, and back pain, it felt like my insides were run through a blender. The pain was horrible and my doctors told me there was nothing more they could do for my pain. I thought I would never feel any better, but I did. Don’t get me wrong…I still have significant pain, but it’s not as bad as that was. It will get better for you too.

Also, your son needs you! My Dad took his own life about 10 years ago. It has hurt and affected me in ways most people will never understand. You love your son too much to leave him like that.

I remember you saying something about being prescribed medication that you couldn’t afford. Would this medication help the pain? If so, have you looked into getting financial assistance? I know there are non profits out there to help. I don’t know the details of what they will help with, but it would be worth looking into. One non profit that I can think of off the top of my head is Wishes and Rainbows. It was specifically created for Chiari patients.

I hope you know that we genuinely care about you here. We love you and just want you to feel better. If you ever need to talk or vent, I will be here for you. I hope you feel better soon!


I Love you Katie.....and I understand. Call me back if you feel like talking.

Katie, if nothing else your son is worth the fight to be better. I know right now it seems that no one is on your side, but we are and so is he. Please hang in there and don't give up. We care, Katie! So many gentle hugs coming your way!!!!!!