Clicking/dripping sound post op

Last night I was lying on my side which is my least painful side and I heard this noise from inside my head.
It sounded like a click or like a drip landing in a cave and the last one sounded like my skull was cracking
It happened 3 times before I freaked out and rolled onto my back and it stopped.
At the same time I had really bad pain in my neck and various parasthesias all over my body.
I’m used to the pain and the parasthesias but the cracking sound…
What the … ??
Anyone else experienced hearing a noise inside their own head.
Also … if i tap on the back of my head it sounds hollow at the base of my skull…
Is that normal 4 months post surgery ??

I am 4 years post op and still get odd sounds like that. I am confident it is just a new way of life I have to get used to. Possibly not for you though. I still can not sleep flat on a pillow like most people. My head has to be propped 45-60 degrees in order to sleep. I have one mushy pillow and one fairly firm pillow or I get the sledgehammer headaches within almost 20 min of laying flat. I can’ t answer if it is normal or not, I can tell you I still experience strange sounds. I can also tell you if you report it to your neurosurgeon, he will open his text book, read it and tell you that you couldn’t possibly be hearing sounds like that.

Thanks for your reply!
I’m the opposite …
I can’t really move my head at all…
I have to sleep without a pillow if I’m on my back.
A 45 degree angle would have me screaming in agony.
I won’t mention it to my Neuro then if they are going to tell me it’s not possible and think I’m crazy or something.
Thanks again!

I have never had surgery but i have both the cracking or clicking sound when i move my neck as well as a sound that i can only say sounds like fluid moving in my neck. Now i had a head and neck injury as well so this could be unrelated to the chari i have.