Cleveland clinic -dr. Luciano

Hi all- Dr. Luciano at the Cleveland clinic has recommended surgery for my chiari malformation. I wanted to know if anyone here had had any experience with him. I know the CC is a great hospital, I am just worried that he is not a true chiari specialist. Do any one that went to him, did he test for ehlers diablos and make sure there was not any cervical instability? Thanks in advance for your responses!

I do not really know what it takes to be called a chiari specialist, but I do know that Dr. Luciano is definetly very well informed when it comes to the condition. If you go on to the conquer chiari web site and click on to the lecture videos that have been done at the chiari conferences that they have every two years, he has given many of them. You might want to listen to them. He is well respected in the chiari world. My daughter was referred to Dr. Recinos at the cleveland clinic for her 4 year old daughter and she is also very good. I have also watched a lecture by her. Best of luck!

Hi Kati, I am awaiting an appointment with Dr. Luciano and was wandering the same thing. He was recommended by another doctor at the Cleveland Clinic. He seems pretty reputable. Did you like him when you met him, and if you don't mind me asking what are the symptoms of your Chiari, and the amount of the herniation? I am just curious to see what he might recommend for me. I will be keeping you in my prayers to make the right decision about surgery, I know at least for me it seems like a very scary thing.