CINE MRI and fluctuation of symptoms

I usually wake up and can hardly pull myself out of bed... once i'm awake for a bit, i'm ok. But then usually by about 12-2pm I'm wiped out again. My symptoms fluctuate and I just pray every minute for a headache not to start. I leave work at 3:30 and get into a trance on the way home and by the time I walk in the door it's all I can do to get everything I can done asap b/c I know I'm gonna have to rest or sleep. I'll fall asleep and wake up a couple (or 5 LOL!) hours later and still be able to go to sleep that night. Then start it all again the next day. Ugh! Ridiculous. Last year this time I was 50lbs lighter and working our hard core. Elliptical and resistance bands. I was feeling amazing and looking great. Then the fatigue and headaches (and this awful pain in my heel of my foot, it's still bad) got worse and quite literally stopped me in my tracks. :(
All that leads me to this question. Will a CINE MRI show that if this is the case? To rephrase: What if our CSF is not constantly blocked? What if it happens intermitently... I wonder if you are not symptomatic at the time of the test, will it reveal all it should?? Does that make any sense? I'm not sure if my thoughts translate as clearly as I may think. :)
Any feedback is welcome. Sorry for running on...

I feel the same way. Some days or even weeks I feel ok and others I'm just useless! I also can take a 5 hour nap and go back to bed a couple of hours later. I don't think I ever get in true deep refreshing sleep. I am hoping to get CINE MRI but am also worried that if I go on a good day things will show normal. I'm interested in the answers on this one.

Hi ..

I don't know if this will help answer your question..but when I had my CINE my NS told me my CSF flow was 'diminished'..which does sound like it could have better flow then not so good flow depending on the hour!! But there was no complete blockage.