Cincinnati Children's- Experience Discussion

Hello everyone. I am curious who here has been to Cinncinati Children's. We received our 3rd opinion last week from Dr. Mangano, who practices there. We were very impressed with him, the staff and facility. His plan definitely parelleled our thoughts.

I'm interested in knowing anyone else's experience at Children's or even specificaly with Dr. Mangano. Good or bad feedback is welcome, and please feel free to direct message me.

They seem to be a conservative practice. We were told they see approximately 200 Chiari patients per year, and recommend surgical intervention, on average, for 40-50 of them.

With my 7yo DD 21mm herniation plus her symptoms, she fits their surgical candidate checklist. We are looking at a possible decompression surgery after school is out this summer.

In the meantime, she will be seeing Dr. Brad Tinkle near Chicago to test for EDS. EDS Hypermobile Type runs heavy on my side of the family, and Dr. Mangano doesn't want to touch her until we have a definite yes/no diagnosis. This helps my trust level with him as well. Dr. Tinkle is a nationally renowned EDS expert, and I feel lucky to live within driving distance of him.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and experiences.


I am impressed that he wants to look at her EDS before surgery- that’s a great thing. Good job mom!