Choking and CM

Hello! I am new to this site so I hope that I am doing this correctly...I would like to know more about CM and choking. I have been experincing episodes of choking. And byy choking I mean the real deal. When I choke I am unable to move any air AT ALL. I can't cough or speak and it scares me to death. My whole throat is closed and the only help for it is for me to completely relax and then I am able to get a tiny bit of air through. It is happening more often.

Has this happened to anyone here? Has anyone talked to a doctor about it and what was said?

Thanks for any information in advance, Terri

Wow that must be scary sorry you are going thru that. I am not having that of extreme choking, but I have to force myself to swallow, sometimes I can't though. Just had a MRI a few weeks ago and my NS said the tip of my brain stem is hitting my spine so it is causing my problem. Hope you figure what is causing your problem. Definately wouldnt let that go on too long :(

Helo Terri, I also have swallowing issues, i choke on just about every thing from water to solid foods, so i know what your going thru. It is absolutly scary, I don't know about you but at times i have to think just how hungry am i, or how bad will i choke on this.. The best advice i can give you beside staying calm witch is hard to do at times, when drinking drink slow or small gulps. & with eating have Water if you feel like your gonna choke or are choking take small sips of water till it goes down, i have also noticed for me when taking small sips some times i will nock my head back (as if i am taking a shot). I hope this helps you & Good luck, Also Welcome 2 this site, You will find a lot of answers here.. Chris

It has been a problem for me too. I also have over reacting face mussels that make chewing and keeping food in my mouth. Good luck and God bless. I hope things get better for you.