Children with chiari's

I have a question for the parents of children with Chiari's do your children have anxiety issues. My son is 9 about the same age I started getting my headaches and I was just wondering if this is normal or what to expect. I'm taking him to the doctor tomorrow and I was hoping to have him do an MRI to rule it out if possible. I don't remember what symptoms I had other than headaches as a kid because my mom thought I was a hypercondriac, so I learned to ignore everything and I don't want to do that with my son

But I don't want to make him more anxious if he does have Chiari's.

I haven't had my son tested yet but with his symptoms I'm 90% sure he has Chiari and yes he has anxiety issues. He's a complete worrier he freaks out about everything. I do remember a lot of my symptoms as a kid and he has the same ones (trouble swallowing/ sore throat, headaches that are sometimes migraines that make him throw up, ear aches and a quick temper when his head hurts (pressure on the medulla) also trouble sleeping (I give him melatonin to help him ) But yes anxiety is huge for him he has panic attacks and doesn't want to be smart so he wont be famous so he wont have to deal with lots of strange people. He's 6 and thought of that himself because he constantly thinks of things like that. I myself have also always had bad anxiety issues and still have frequent panic attacks. I hope this helps I know how hard it is to look at your little boy and know what his future hold and not just constantly cry....from one Chiari Mom to Another GOOD LUCK !!!

Thank you dz I took my son to the doctor thankfully we have a wonderful primary doctor he ordered an MRI for him just waiting for it to get scheduled and had good ideas of where to get help for my sons anxiety issues i'll keep you guys up to date on everything with him and me.

hey I have a return question for you does your son have issues with his eyes. My son is always saying his feel dry or like there's something in them so he rubs them all the time. I can remember having the same problem when I was little but I don't know if it s Chiari related or something else. If there's anyone else out there with kids with this problem please let me know. he get "pink eye" all the time because he rubs them so much and I had that problem a lot when I was little its like the corners have some type of film on them. No allergy meds or eye drops seem to work. I'm at a loss.....

And your very welcome!!

My son does have dry eyes but he also has allergies. We have had to go to regular zyrtek instead of childrens. He also is far sighted and needs glasses for reading but I needed them at the same age for seeing far away.