Chiari type 1 and Ménière’s disease

Hi all

I’ve been diagnosed with Chiari type 1 for about a year and today I was also diagnosed with Ménière’s disease. Has anyone else been diagnosed with both? I also have a syrinx and am struggling with some coordination problems.
Did you have decompression surgery? Did it help at all?

Thanks in advance

I would be leery of the Meniere’s disease diagnosis as Chiari can very much affect hearing and the feeling of dizziness. I found that surgery did not help those symptoms but that vestibular processing therapy after surgery did.

I also have to say that being labelled as having Meniere’s disease is not a diagnosis. Meniere’s is a cluster of symptoms with an unknown cause given a name. Again, it is a label given to a group of symptoms that a person reports. No diagnostics can confirm Meniere’s. Treatment offered is sketchy at best with the more common approach of being told that it is chronic with no treatment available. Best to not settle with the Meniere’s “diagnosis” and pursue Chiari and its’ ramifications. Of course, if enough treatment options are tried perhaps one of them will be the right one!