Chiari symptoms question

Hello everybody

The question(s) I have is can one have chiari symptoms such as forearm muscle stiffness, hand stiffness, and random body fasciculations, without a syrinx? I have a 2.2 cm herniation and no syrinx. My NL has diagnosed me with Peripheral Neuropathy and does not think the symptoms are chiari related. Thanks Jim


Thank you for your honesty. I am planning to see a NS this summer. It is so frustrating!!! Please continue to feel free to comment on this post. The more knowledge I have on this matter, the better.


Yes this guy sounds like an IDIOT!! RUN!! Seeing a true Chiari specialized surgeon is the way to go. There are common themes that come with Chiari as far as related conditions/ diagnosis. Not trying to overwhelm you with this, just want you to be informed.

Vitamin d deficiency

Magnesium deficiency

Ehlers Danlos syndrome- can cause cranial cervical instability. CCI further compresses and damages your spinal cord and has the same symptoms as Chiari. This should absolutely be ruled out. If you have EDS and CCI, get the decompression surgery done without correcting the CCI you may continue to have the same symptoms or worsening symptoms- a second surgery will be required.


Tethered cord syndrome

Sleep apnea

I am glad you found us,

Prior to surgery I had tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, tingling in the scalp, and spots that felt like they were burning. I did not have a syrinx. These issues have significantly decreased post-op so I feel they were related as did my NS.

Thanks for all of the positive comments. I have made an appointment with a NS for the end of the month. I will keep you posted.