Chiari surgery ruined by arm surgery?

Hello everyone, I am a new member of this group and hope to find some answers.
I had successful surgery in January of 2013. Recovery went well, most symptoms mostly disappeared, and I only had a few migraines until October 2016. Life was better! I do have RA as well, so some pain is always there.
In October 2016, I had ulnar nerve release in my left elbow. According to the doctor the surgery went well. However, instead of 45 minutes it took over 2 hours. After the first few days, the pain in my upper arm increased. I mentioned it at the 2 week check up. The doctor waved it away, and said it was from the tourniquet during surgery.
To make things short, an MRI in January showed a tendon tear, and bruised bone in my shoulder. Which Also since October, my migraines increased to 3-4 a month, my lips get numb again, the stiffness in my neck is back, and I have vision problems. On top of all things, the nerve is still trapped and causes pain.
I am afraid something happened during the surgery. Does anyone have any idea what I should do next? I am sorry this is so long.

I would find another Dr to check it out and see what happened during surgery

Yes, to find another Dr to see what damage the first surgery caused. Tina

When I started having problems with neck and head pain etc it was after an unrelated abdominal surgery many years ago. My rheumatologist was involved with some research on chiari and cervical stenosis and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue type symptoms around 2000 and he told me at that time one of my original triggers for my spine/head problems very well could have been from having my head in extension during the surgery for anesthesia. Did they intubate you for the arm surgery? I would assume that docs know to be careful with position of your head and neck with chiari and do it a different way but if not could that tie into worsening of some symptoms like vision etc? If I just reach up to a shelf or barely glance up at a shelf it can worsen some of those type of symptoms for a while.

Thank you for you reply. Yes they did intubate me. I did contact my Neurosurgeon, and he wants to see me. Now I am waiting for a referral. I am careful now at work, not to make things worse until I have it checked out. They also want me to repeat the arm surgery, because the first one did not work. Apparently I am one in a million.
Did your symptoms get any better, or are they still the same since your abdominal surgery ?