Chiari Online Support Group

CHIARI Support group in Charlotte,NC area

A support group for “Chiaris, EDS, and others…” has started up in the Charlotte, NC area. The group plans to meet the 3rd Saturday of every month at Julia’s Cafe on 1133 N. Wendover in Charlotte from 1:00-4:00pm. Crystal Grampus is the moderator. The first meet was in October, 2019. So far, about a dozen folks have shown up in the last couple meets - but only folks with EDS have come. No one with Chiari’s has shown up, yet - except me! If there are other CHIARIANS who need/want support, you are welcome to show up every 3rd Saturday at Julia’s Cafe, 1133 N Wendover

That’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing this. It can really be wonderful to meet in person sometimes.

Sharon from Mod Support